Hi Everyone!

Do you want to attend this year's Conference in Daytona Beach, but can't get the funding?

Have you received a Scholarship in the past three years? No? Get the application from the March INTERFACE (on the F. A. C. E. website).

Fill out the application and send it with the two required letters to the Orlando IOG office before April 30th to be considered!!

Each scholarship recipient will have their conference fee waived. You will still be responsible for your lodging and some meals, but this will take a large burden off your agency (or YOUR wallet).

The Board of Directors will review all applications received, and award scholarships based on the number received and/or need, depending on how many are submitted.

You can only be considered IF you submit your information ON TIME. Late applications will not be reviewed.

Questions? Contact Susan at the IOG - 407.882.3960 or Susan.Pruchnicki@ucf.edu